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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any important fabric and care instructions?

Our tablecloth is made from PEVA - A PVC free material with no fire retardants or laminates, for your child's health and well being.  PEVA is a healthy choice fabric (as opposed to vinyl, which emits toxic chemicals) but requires a little more care on your part.  Please wipe gently with a damp sponge or soft cloth, using only water or a gentle soap. 

Additionally, avoid abrasive scouring pads, brushes, harsh chemicals, wipes, preserve the artwork on your tablecloth.  Washing machines and irons are a no-no, too. :)  The dish soap and a cleaning cloth or sponge are enough to clean the tablecloth.

You can learn more about the dangers of PVC and fire retardants and why we avoided them, here....and here.

My children want to color on the tablecloth.  Can they?

We have tested the product significantly with Crayola® Ultra-Clean Washable Markers and have found the results to be great and that the colors from the markers can typically be cleaned with a wet cloth.  You may find you will not be able to remove color from the threads at the border of the cloth, though, should those become colored on.

What size table does the tablecloth fit?

This tablecloth was designed for rectangle or oblong/oval tables.  But your child will love it if it's on the floor as a play mat or on a little square children's table, or even mommy & daddy's big round table.  The main idea is to have it in front of your children so they're seeing it and enjoying it.

The dimensions are: 

 Tablecloth Size 52in x 72in 132cm x183 cm
Fits Table Size 28in x 46in to 44in x 64in

 71cm x 117cm to 112cm to 163cm

Seats 4-6 people





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