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The Inspiration

At five years old, Grandma Micky was just a “tot”, as she likes to describe children of that age.  Sitting in her parent's country kitchen in rural Coburg, Oregon, she found herself quite often looking at a tablecloth her mother had constructed out of a map of the United States with all of its state capitals.  She wasn't trying to learn any of the capitals names, yet two months later she knew them all.  Somehow, just by being exposed to this information in the most relaxed of all settings, every state capital's name had magically found its way into her mind!

After 30 years of teaching, Micky thought it was an opportune time to build on that simple idea from her childhood, and use it to create a low-tech/high impact teaching tool that would help busy parents to accelerate their child's learning.  One day while visiting my wife (Micky's daughter) and I in Los Angeles, she sprung the idea of her tablecloth project on us.  We thought it was just what this world needed; a way to learn without electronics, as well as a method to return families to the most important gathering place of all in the home, the dinner table.  After two years of planning, sketches, character development and finally production, we are so happy to see that the Mostly Math tablecloth is completed, just in time for our three year old to explore, engage, and absorb.

Good eating, and good learning to you all!

Farah, Tony & Alex


 Micky, Circa 1942

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